Droning On


Can the emerging unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV or “drone”) industry lead to a turnaround for California’s aerospace industry that was decimated by the DoD budget cuts and industry consolidation that took place following the end of the Cold War.

Torey Van Oot in the Sacramento Bee’s article
California lawmakers look to regulate, attract drone industry to state” contemplates the implications of potential nonmilitary applications of Drones including its economic impact.

“An expected boom in the use of nonmilitary “unmanned aerial vehicles,” commonly known as drones, has California looking to regain some of the aviation industry swagger it enjoyed for decades”

“At stake for California and other states is a piece of $82 billion in economic activity the drone industry estimates it will generate between 2015 and 2025.”

California is home to many leading industries, such as such as computer and communication technologies, that are integral components of UAVs. Thus these developments offer the prospect of a resurgent California aerospace industry. However it’s seems unlikely that the Golden State can come close to restoring this sector of the economy to its past glory.

See The Man Who Invented the Predator for a brief history of the birth of this dynamic technology and its garage-based origins in Hacienda Heights in Los Angeles.



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