Is Facebook Killing Silicon Valley?

In a brief interview on Yahoo Finance, Professor Steve Blank raises concerns that the Facebook IPO could intensify expectations for quick returns on venture capital investments.  He fears this could actually hurt long term innovation in the Silicon Valley.

“Serial tech entrepreneur and professor Steve Blank argues that Facebook and the “social media” craze are ruining Silicon Valley’s innovation machine.”

“VC’s have become so intoxicated by the lure of instant riches from the likes of Facebook and Instagram that they’re mostly funding companies that have a chance to be worth billions overnight”

He also discusses his concerns with The Atlantic here.

Watch the interview.

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One response to “Is Facebook Killing Silicon Valley?

  1. Isn’t this just another facet of the US economy in the present period? When young people decide that science isn’t for them, but hedge funds are, they’re making a decision that’s sensible. There isn’t nearly so much money in developing, oh, new energy sources, as there is in parting stupid investors from their money.

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