“New Housing Breaking Ground”

Gerd-Ulf (GU) Krueger is a leading expert on California home building.  In a recent post at Beacon Economics’ No Nonsense Economics blog, New Housing Breaking Ground… But Next Shortage Is In Sight , he has some very encouraging, as well as cautionary, things to say about current residential construction trends.

  • “There is not a shred of evidence of the fabled shadow supply getting unleashed …”
  •  “…anecdotal evidence also suggests that more ground breaking is taking place in urban infill and suburban A-locations.”
  • “But there is trouble brewing on the supply side,…”
  • “If nothing is done soon, the best regional economies in California economies will soon face another housing crisis, …”

GU is the principal economist and founder of KruegerEconomics, a housing and economic advisory firm for institutional investors, developers, builders, and state and local governments.

(Read the post at Beacon Economics)

Pictured: Cherokee Mixed-Use Lofts is an urban infill, mixed-use, market-rate housing project in Hollywood.

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One response to ““New Housing Breaking Ground”

  1. California will face repeated housing crises until communities are forced to develop affordable housing. We had an opportunity to get affordable housing cheap by buying foreclosed properties and maintaining them as permanent affordable housing, but local governments seemed intent on doing anything else with them. I wrote on this issue a few years ago: http://peoninchief.blogspot.com/2008/07/oh-why-do-i-have-to-be-right.html

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